Sunday, July 15, 2012

March madness

Yes, I realize it is July. Yes, I realize I am a failure at blogging. And Yes, I am sorry. BUT they do say better late than never, right? In March I had my baby. Clark James Sanders. He was born on March 8th at 10 PM on the dot. He was 8 lbs. 7 oz of perfection. He was born 20 days before my birthday, which is fun b/c I am exactly a week after my mom's birthday. March babies are the best, in my opinion. Clark is growing like a weed. At his 2 month check-up he had grown 4 inches and 5 lbs. He is currently 4 months old, but in 6 month clothing. He loves to be in the action. He can nearly sit up by himself, and he is hankering to crawl...but is not too close to that thankfully! Other than not sleeping through the night, he is a perfect little boy. He is SO happy and fun to be with. Enjoy this RANDOM selection of pictures... Some of our better pictures are on other cameras, so you will have to make due with these. 320/DSC00512.JPG" />


-Kate- said...

Oh I love this boy!!!! He is growing too fast!!! Stop baby Clark!!

Heather (Paralyzed with JOY!) said...

Oh my goodness, he's gotten so big, but is still just as cute as when I met him! I can't believe he group four inches in two months! I hope you're all doing well… Miss you!

Emilydear said...

So cute!! I am happy you have him!

Bren + Lucy said...

This is such an inspirational story to share...

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