Sunday, July 15, 2012

March madness

Yes, I realize it is July. Yes, I realize I am a failure at blogging. And Yes, I am sorry. BUT they do say better late than never, right? In March I had my baby. Clark James Sanders. He was born on March 8th at 10 PM on the dot. He was 8 lbs. 7 oz of perfection. He was born 20 days before my birthday, which is fun b/c I am exactly a week after my mom's birthday. March babies are the best, in my opinion. Clark is growing like a weed. At his 2 month check-up he had grown 4 inches and 5 lbs. He is currently 4 months old, but in 6 month clothing. He loves to be in the action. He can nearly sit up by himself, and he is hankering to crawl...but is not too close to that thankfully! Other than not sleeping through the night, he is a perfect little boy. He is SO happy and fun to be with. Enjoy this RANDOM selection of pictures... Some of our better pictures are on other cameras, so you will have to make due with these. 320/DSC00512.JPG" />

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tomorrow,'s only a day a way...

Well, tomorrow is our due date! I can't believe I have been pregnant for 40 weeks. Well actually I can believe it. That is a long time. But I feel VERY blessed. It has been a pretty easy pregnancy (especially compared to others I know). We are excited to meet our little man, although I am not so sure he is going to COME tomorrow. It would be fun - especially since it is also Dr. Seuss' birthday...

I really didn't want to have a leap year baby - so I am SUPER glad yesterday has come and gone. It gets a little tricky though. Andrew is in the middle of midterms. He has tests on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and maybe Thursday. So really we need him to either come this weekend, or come on the 8th. (we actually have an induction date set for the 8th if he hasn't come already). I would prefer him to come on his own, but so far my cervix has not done a thing. He is SUPER low (you can feel EVERY move of the head...) but other than that not a lot happening. He must like it in there. Luckily I am not miserable yet. So it is just a waiting game for now.

Yay for babies!

Monday, February 20, 2012

so, I made a blanket on Saturday... {and 38 weeks}

Last week I saw this blanket posted on Asthetic Nest:

aaaaaannnd I wanted to try it. So Saturday morning I bought the fabric with my mom, who then helped me get all set up and ready and then I started to sew. and sew. and sew. I listened to the World Wide Leadership Conference TWICE as well as some conversations on the Mormon Channel

after like, oh I don't know 5 hours of sewing, I went to the store and then came back and like 10 PM (thanks to the help of mom with the cutting...our hands still hurt!)

It is simple to make, but tedious. And if you want to make it, I strongly suggest you invest in the chenille cutter she talks about - I think if I make it again, that will be a MUST!!

Overall I am IN LOVE with the results. It made all the pain of it worth it (sorta like child birth I hear...)

I also stuck in my 38 week belly shot below. Enjoy! (11 more days!!)

the back:

the belly shot:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

sleepy and new polls

I sure am TIRED! wowzers.

but my co-worker gave me a bag of gummy worms and I am happy =)

I have two new polls on the side bar - take them while you can...only a couple of weeks until he comes!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mascot loving

I worked at an event on Friday night. I got a picture with the mascot (who happened to be Dave coworker's boyfriend). Good times...I mostly look like I have a balloon up my shirt. I need to stand up straight.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chicken peanut Thai Noodles

I made this last night. My good friend Jessica Nelson came over to help me eat it.

It seemed like a lot of work, but wasn't too bad. The picture doesn't make it look too yummy, but it is. I added too much pasta, so it was a little dry, but the flavor was amazing. And it was yummy for lunch today again. Plus it actually makes whole wheat pasta not taste like whole wheat pasta. (which I don't mind whole wheat pasta either way)

It will be made again.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Who says Happy Halloween

you know...the Who from whoville. Two of them actually.

Andrewho and Elizaboo-who

Church trunk or treat 2011